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Even when swords fell out of fashion, men liked to position themselves closer to the street, to protect their feminine partners from imminent dangers, like runaway carriages and horse poop.Roosevelt, who is often credited with using “cheese” as a cue for people to smile while being photographed. 12 Not Wearing White After Labor Day Long before air conditioning was a thing, people wore lighter colors during the summer to stay cool.If you worried that you wouldn’t get your booze or food in a timely manner, you’d slip the barkeep a T.15 Smiling for Photos You don’t see a lot of smiling faces in early photographs, especially during the Victorian era (much of the 19th century).

except, weirdly, the part about the bride’s family getting stuck with the bill.

The crowd was mostly empty, and most people were feeling glum and despondent because of the war. That projectile might splatter germs like shrapnel—with serious health repercussions.

Here are 23 old-fashioned etiquette rules that still apply today, and where they came from.

14 “Showering” a Bride or New Parents with Gifts The world may seem complicated and scary right now, but trust us, it used to be so much worse.

And the explanations for why we do this are numerous and weird.

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