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Karla, your situation with CIGNA is typical conduct for a disability insurance company.

We have not seen your disability insurance policy so it is difficult for us to advise you of your rights.

Additionally, they rely on unauthorized video surveillance of a claimant in order to prove that a claimant should be able to return to work.

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NOTE: Several of these districts have had their boundaries changed in 2016 due to a Federal Court ruling on racial gerrymandering resulting in redistricting by the state legislature. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina judges ruled that the 1st and 12th districts' boundaries were unconstitutional and required new maps to be drawn by the legislature to be used for the 2016 election. The delegation has a total of 13 members, with 10 Republicans, and 3 Democrats."She's spending a lot of time with her girlfriends, is planning dinners and nights out.She's happy and glowing." With three kids -- 6-year-old Mason, 3-year-old Penelope, and 13-month-old Reign -- the source tells ET that Kourtney "knows she's done having kids," adding that they are still the top priority for her and Scott.Now CIGNA is trying to tell me I can go to work, which is in conflict with what my doctors are saying.I suffer from insomnia, disorientation/confusion, pain, and nausea daily, which is some from the meds.

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