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OKC #1 on "Most Romantic Cities" list - Open Table It's fun to be in love in (and with) OKC!

Doing some inventive data mining, Open Table looked at percentage of restaurants labeled "romantic," reservations for tables of two, and people who went out for Valentine's Day in 2016 to generate their rankings.

OKC in top ten among large cities for recession recovery - Wallet Hub Looking at 505 cities and 18 key economic indicators, Wallet Hub found Oklahoma City came back stronger from the recession than cities like San Francisco, San Jose, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, among others.

OKC Makes the Honor Roll when it Comes to College Grads recently gave Oklahoma City an A on its "Best Cities for New College Graduates" list. 10 and said "Oklahoma City's bustling economy is a great place to start a career." Best Cities for Jobs?OKC is Great for Renters and Owners found that Oklahoma City ranked as the ninth "Most Affordable Metro for Renters and Owners". The metro was the highest ranked city west of the Mississippi. The ranking is based on both short and long-term fiscal solvency. Of Course OKC Ranks High Oklahoma City ranks as one of the top 5 places to work for a small business in America. Looking at census data, they found OKC's downtown had the 3rd-highest rate of employment growth out of the 41 largest metros in the U. That national rate of growth was .5 percent while OKC saw a growth rate of 2.2 percent. Few Rank Higher than OKC recently released their "15 Best U. Cities for Millennial College Students" list and Oklahoma City fared extremely well. - Demographia We all know OKC has one of the most affordable housing markets in the U. Did you also know it is one of the most affordable major metros in the world? 13 most affordable housing market among nine countries it looked at. The Greater Oklahoma City metro placed high on this list due to factors such as home ownership rate, population growth and share of total self-employment. You Bet OKC Made that recently looked at the 150 biggest cities in the U. to find its "Best Cities for Job Market for 2015" and unsurprisingly Oklahoma City made the top 10. Oklahoma Ranks Ninth Among Top Moving Destinations - United Van Lines Oklahoma is a popular destination for movers according to the 2014 Annual National Movers Study released by United Van Lines. 9 among destinations with more than 57 percent of movers being inbound.On average owners and renters pay around 28 percent of their income towards housing in OKC. Department of Energy Data from a recently released report on wind energy from the U. Department of Energy shows that Oklahoma ranked No. The Oklahoma Economy is Doing A-OK - Mercatus Center The Oklahoma economy continues to perform above the national average but don't take our word for it. Oklahoma City Ranks High for Recession Recovery, Oklahoma City ranks No. The publication used employment growth numbers, unemployment rate and other data from the 327 U. They looked at a multitude of factors such as median income, population growth and small business environment among the 100 most populated metros in the U. Strong economic factors combined with low in-state tuition propelled the metro to No. OKC Continues to Get High Marks for Diversified Economy recently combed through census data of the 350 largest metros in the country to find the most diversified economy. 11 in their rankings when combining industry, occupational and worker-class diversity. They looked at factors such as GDP, employment and more to find that OKC's GDP growth is actually 6 times higher than the national average for North American metros. OU Ranked as One of Top Colleges in the Country recently ranked the major U. This makes the second "Best Cities for Jobs" list the metro has made this week. The University of Oklahoma and Norman came in at No. OK has Been A-OK Since Recession - Bureau of Economic Analysis When it comes to earnings growth, few states has fared as well as Oklahoma.The list is based on factors such as the migration ratio and growth rate. OKC best place to start a business in 2017 examined a variety of metrics including financing, growth rates, business environment/affordability and more and found that Oklahoma City ranked #1 as the best place to start a business.Millennials are on the move to the OKC metro few metros stack up to Oklahoma City when it comes to buying a home for the first time.

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