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A van pulls up nearby and someone runs past the parked car.

The girl, Krissy, looks around nervously but her boyfriend Aidan assures her it's nothing.

Crowley says that he knows Kevin is working with the Winchesters and advises him to give up.

Kevin looks around but Crowley is nowhere to be seen on the boat, and Crowley says that he's in his head.

Meanwhile, Crowley gets a call and tells Dean that Jody will die in a minute.

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he's wearing an Army uniform and discovers that the door is barricaded shut.When they ask if they need the other half, Kevin says that they don't need to.Sam tells Kevin to keep working while they draw off the demons, but Kevin is too busy working to notice.The demon warns Kevin that he lost a finger the last time the crossed paths, and Kevin hallucinates every bone in his body breaking.A couple park on a dark road overlooking the river and make out.

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