Windows clients not updating dns records

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For example, the following entries in the local will add the domains “” and “” to the local DNS server (The full list can be downloaded HERE): ; BIND db file for ad servers - point all addresses to localhost ; ; Originally for use with the list of ad server hostnames at: ; ; ; ; - [email protected]$TTL 86400 ; one day @ IN SOA ns0. ( 2004061000 ; serial number YYMMDDNN 28800 ; refresh 8 hours 7200 ; retry 2 hours 864000 ; expire 10 days 86400 ) ; min ttl 1 day NS ns0. A * IN A is a wildcard, which means that will be returned for any hostname within that domain:,,, anythinghere.will all be resolved to single file will be used for all malware-associated domains.Most of the actual content of this file is not important, as it is not serving up information for a “production” domain.(You need to be much more careful with an actual domain!The last two configurations have the added advantage of generating log files for inspection as well as enable a snort or other IDS system to continue to see traffic.

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If the server is load balanced – You will have to point to the VIP (Virtual IP of the load balancer) Which will be the internet facing server for your Webmail and all other URLs Which will serve your outlook and Active Sync phones to send configuration settings automatically.

Such a server could also be configured as a “primary” or “master” resolver for domains associated with malware and spyware.

The DNS server, beleiving it is an “authority” for the that zone, will answer the query instead of querying another dns server for the answer.

However, they only work on the local machine or perhaps a home network.

Many corporations deploy an internal DNS server for use on their Local Area Network, usually to provide name resolution for internal hosts or to speed up browsing by locally caching DNS queries .

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