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“A cloying compendium of follow-your-dreams platitudes, new-agey spirituality and mawkish, father-son deathbed bonding,” said trade paper Variety. “I’ve been critiqued for being sentimental and sincere and wearing my heart on my sleeve,” he says. In 2014, men still have to pat each other on the back when they hug each other.“Not only is that me, but everything my fanbase likes. I find it so silly.” Wisely, Braff hasn’t oversaturated the market since finishing Scrubs five years ago.

It seems almost impossible to believe that Zach Braff is “pushing 40 next April”, as he puts it.Talk to him for more than 30 seconds and you get the idea.The New Jersey-born Braff speaks like someone who has attended motivational seminars for most of his life. So I’m trying to maximise my time here on Earth and write about that, for people who are interested.”He is returning to the director’s chair after a decade’s absence with his new film Wish I Was Here.“He gave me my SAG [Screen Actors Guild] card when I was 18 years old,” he smiles.Braff has just finished playing the lead on stage in New York in a musical version of Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway.

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