Did ryan sheckler dating aj michalka

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Affiliation swaps galore begin the television year in Florida.

In Miami, three channels change their network affiliation: WTVJ moves to NBC from CBS, WCIX (now WFOR-TV) moves to CBS from Fox, and WSVN moves to Fox from NBC.

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J is an American musician/singer, songwriter, model and actress. J was born on the 10th of April, 1991 in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, U. Their mother was a musician herself whereas the father owned a contract company! Both the sisters grew up at Seattle, Washington with family and away at Southern California with their grandparents. J began playing the piano and towards the age of 8 was already a small star in and around her home.Meanwhile, in West Palm Beach, WPEC-TV switches from ABC to CBS, WTVX leaves CBS to become an independent, and ABC station WPBF signs on this day.The swaps result from NBC's acquisition of WTVJ in 1987, and CBS's acquisition of WCIX in August 1988.The switches in West Palm Beach are accomplished due to WCIX's weak signal in Broward County.Pat Sajak quits the daytime version of the series Wheel of Fortune for a CBS late night talk show while remaining host of the nighttime version.

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