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In the morning we were given our drugs; if you didn’t take them you would have to be there longer.

It was in our best interest to take them, so they told us.

In February twisted fate decided that I had to work with him on a fundraiser. I was continuously told that I had to forgive him, that I was crazy for being scared on campus, and that there was nothing that could be done.

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And everyone was open, not proud, just blunt and sincere; the desire to improve their lives was palpable. I was so genuinely happy that her lack of responses didn’t even bother me—I just talked at her.Stage 4: Enlightenment—Everything falls into place. Your mind is no longer an oppressive hell and it begins to function again. Four days into the Ward, I was sitting in on an introductory Substance Abuse and Mental Health Rehabilitation meeting since there was absolutely nothing better to do.To start us off, the meeting leader decided to have everyone go around and talk about why we were on the Ward.Stage 1: Hysteria—Characterized by denying that anything is wrong, “I’m perfectly fine” and “I don’t belong here,” are common phrases during this stage.Stage 2: Numb and Ornery—You have finally realized that something is wrong with you, but you are overwhelmed and confused about how to go about fixing your problem. Stage 3: Determination—You realize that the only way you’re allowed to leave the Ward is if you “get better” and “solve your problems.” Every fiber of your being thus goes into these two tasks. My Enlightenment occurred when I least expected it.

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