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The watch was "standard issue" to the Basel City Fire Department.CWC (Cabot Watch Company) was founded in 1972 solely to supply timepieces to the British armed forces.To reduce the overall thickness of the final watch, the rotors at the bottoms of two automatic movements are removed.Thickness is further reduced by relocating the second hand from the centre position of one movement to a subdial located at 6 O'Clock and then removing the second hand of the other movement but exposing the balance wheel to serve the function of a second hand instead.In 2011 there was a significant upsurge in the number of bronze-cased watches made by so-called "micro" watch companies that produce watches in very small numbers compared to mainstream brands.

At 44m wide it's quite a big watch and yet the case design with short, sloping lugs, suits even my slender : 1960's Breitling Datora, featuring a 45 minute chronograph with units per hour and pulsations scales.

This particular watch I imagine was destined for the Middle Eastern market as it appears to have an Arabic day wheel.

The Beach Star was produced between 19 as a concept to make a mass-produced, highly water-resistant, sports watch using a mechanical BFG movement and front-loading, Noryl-Fiber plastic/metal alloy case.

Accounts suggest that such watches were more practical than wristwatches as they could be laid on the maps and charts from which the airmen were working and be more easily read at a glance. I haven't bought a watch for about a year and a half but, having spotted this on Amazon for crazy money I felt that it would be rude to not buy it!

Normally retailing at 200, Amazon are currently (Christmas 2013) selling this for 45. [UPDATE] Here's : Alpha watches are made in China to an impressively high standard given their modest price.

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