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"The waxing was a new experience, I enjoyed it though, and the way I feel is like butter.

I couldn't keep my hands away from my vagina," I admitted as I began to feel my body producing more moisture just speaking about the experience "the cab driver didn't even charge me the fare out here!

"One last time for the cameras Bridget, why are you here and what are you here to do?

" "Dave embezzled half a million dollars and lost it, I'm here to repay the debt." "How are you going to repay me?

"Those are your only options young lady, whether you like it or not. " I made my way up the stairs without waiting for him to answer.

The tears weren't flowing because I was being forced to do it, they were because it made me so horny just thinking about this man inside me and I hated myself for it. He stood and led Dave, my husband, and I out of the conference room he had pulled us into during the office Christmas party, slapping my ass as I walked by causing my to soak my panties even more than they already were. You don't have to do that, I'd rather just go to prison." Dave said as soon as we were out of earshot buy I refused to even speak to the man. When Brady called me yesterday I went to withdraw it but everything was gone. " "So you got caught stealing and I'm being forced to spend the night with Mr. The lies, for so long, were you even going to take me with you?

" "I'm yours for the next forty eight hours, you can do anything you want to me, I'm your servant, your property, I'm here only to please you." "Will today be the only time you grace my home with your beauty?

I drifted off to sleep with my fingers slowly rubbing my clit as my mind showed me everything I never knew that I wanted. "You can call me Bridget, sir, I don't think I'll be Mrs.

" He said taking in my totally nude and hairless body.

"I wondered if having you start out naked would detract from your beauty but I can see now I indeed made the right call." It had hurt at first, the lady put hot wax in places I've never touched myself, but soon my mind shut out the pain and concentrated instead on my fantasies of how tonight would play out.

Brooks for much longer anyway." I said as I removed my coat and handed it to him.

"In that case you can call me Frank," he responded while hanging my coat in the closet "Dave must be pretty devastated, losing his little nest egg and his wife in the same week." "I haven't even seen him today, been too busy meeting all of your requests for my appearance." "You do look absolutely gorgeous!

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