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She also looks phenomenal in a bikini — a fact that Lost's producers haven't been shy about taking advantage of.

Lilly has become the ultimate desert-island fantasy of 2005 — the tough girl with improbably well-conditioned hair who could kill you a boar but still look fabulous at the end of the day.: an airplane traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles makes a crash landing on a remote island, leaving forty-eight survivors and a lot of luggage.

Wherever they got their information, it wasn't from me." She then abruptly changes the subject to the coral abrasions on her legs."She's a Christian, but she's a pottymouth," says cast mate Monaghan, formerly known as a "Over and over again," Lilly says, "I've been called a walking oxymoron.

I do things that you wouldn't associate with a good little Christian girl.

People say I'm half-boy, half-girl." Before I can object that the visual evidence suggests otherwise, she continues, "I love style and dressing up, but I've also got competitive testosterone and I'm incredibly stubborn.

"I really don't want to be mysterious," she insists.

"Women in this business are expected to put forth a poised and perfect persona.

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