Validating user via ntlm

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Nextcloud solved part of this problem in their own way.

If you put it in one word, that would be “decentralization”. While some people don’t mind, others are concerned about the situation, where handful of major players running their Clouds, and the rest of the world trusting them blindly with their data.

Want to just keep your documents and files out of reach of big corporations?

Nextcloud gives you a straightforward solution: use cloud approach and still keep your data on your home computer. There is no point in keeping your files anywhere, if you can’t access them, right?

Or in other words – if some bad CA signed a certificate with the same CN and SAN fields, how can we tell them apart?

Now this procedure will be repeated for every lower level device (mobiles and webcams).

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validating user via ntlm-54

In this blogpost, we’ve seen a smart-home, where home appliances and computers identities are members of global PKI, and their common history being kept on limited functionality event ledger – the blockchain.

You have lots of techs, they come and go, how do you manage this secure vendor access?

beame-insta-ssl is started with its destination being localhost:22.

The certs can be used for many purposes: authentication of an IOT device, 2fa, digital signatures etc. These certs are fully trusted by mobile devices and browsers alike.

The hashed structure represents a trust tree (defined by yourself), to which only you or those you delegate can add/modify members. Many of you, beame-insta-ssl users, have asked for it and now it is here.

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